2013 • One Hell of a Year

Sometimes it takes a new app such as Flipagram to make you realise how amazing and surprising and epic life can be. Flipping through my camera roll I came across photos of New York, beautiful flowers, furry friends, New Zealand adventures and countless photos of new skills I've acquired in 2013. Here's a little recap of 2013 on the blog!

• Attended a Beautiful Hand Lettering Class
• Hand Lettered my First Font!
• Participated in A Million Little Pictures
• Attended a Styling Class
• Walked Across the Brooklyn Bridge
• Rode Jane's Carousel in Brooklyn
Visited Luna Park
Contributed to the Sketchbook Project and visited my book in Brooklyn
Fed a squirrel!
• Celebrated my 30th birthday in New Zealand

It can be very easy to dwell on the things you wish you did or the goals you wish you had accomplished and not notice all of the amazing parts of your life. In 2014, take that time. x