30 Before 30 • 30 Celebrate my birthday in a country I have never been before!

So I turned 30. It was rough. However, I did cross another off my 30 before 30 list! I spent my 30th birthday in New Zealand. It is an amazingly beautiful country which had J and I contemplating the big move across the water. We drove from Christchurch down to Queenstown and back in 10 days, with lots of little stops along the way. Mesmerising mountains towering above turquoise water left me completely recharged and inspired for the year ahead. I'm no writer, so can't adequately describe how amazing this country is and how much fun we had. So I will leave that up to a few of the thousand photos I shot while visiting.

Because I only started my 30 before 30 list on New Years, I decided to give myself a break, and a few extra months to cross them all off! Why not? It's my list, so my rules. Stay tuned.

I'll also be posting Part 2 of New Zealand soon. So so beautiful, I couldn't fit it all in one post!