Leaving on a Jet Plane!

The time has come around too quickly and I'm not nearly prepared for the avoidance/celebration which is my 30th birthday trip to New Zealand. I'm excited and nervous, but mostly thrilled to have a little break from the 9-5. I'm beginning my packing ritual which involves a whole lot of outfit planning and crossing things off numerous lists.

Speaking of lists, I still have a few to cross off my 30 before 30 list, but what are you going to do? Life gets in the way sometimes and I plan on crossing the rest off when I return.

In the meantime, here is my travel packing guide for the flight to the fun time adventures waiting for you. Sometimes packing can be stressful, so here's a few handy hints for the flights with a nod to my holiday destination, New Zealand;

A • Keep an eye on the time, so you don't miss your flight!
B • Super cute cable knit beanie, with pom pom of course, to keep your head warm when you land
C • Introduce yourself to New Zealand wearing a comfy Karen Walker Octopus Tee!
D • Comfy pants are a must. Planes are not known for their copious amounts of leg room. Nudie jeans are my go to.
E • VANS. Love.
F • Field Notes notebooks to finish planning your trip! Where to go, what to see, where to shop - all very important details that need a place to be recorded.
G • Required for writing notes. Trade your BIC in for this gold stripe refillable roller ball from kikki k. Beautiful to write with.
H • Keep hydrated with the beautifully designed water bottles from Antipodes.
I • Stay organised and keep all of your travel documents together in this travel wallet, again from kikki k. I LOVE this colour in their range. Beautiful.
J • Of course you need your phone, so why not protect it with something pretty! My favourite Kate Spade case in gold stripe. It is not an accident that it matches my pen. Don't forget to instagram your travels when you're away too!
K • Protect your eyes so you can continue to travel the world and see amazing things for years and years to come! Ray-Bans, of course.
L • Take a good quality camera to document your travels, but don't get too caught up in capturing moments and not actually being in them. Enjoy your holiday and take plenty of beautiful photos so you can relive your fun time holidays when you return! x