30 Before 30 • 03 Practice more Film Photography & 07 Contribute to an Art Show... again!

Today I posted my photos to the Brooklyn Art Library and crossed off number 3 and 7 (again!) on my 30 before 30 list.

I joined the A Million Little Pieces - Analog project a little while ago and just managed to get my film developed in time to post the photos off. Once I received my disposable camera, I sat there for weeks thinking of what to shoot. There were only 15 frames, so I couldn't waste them. I also tend to over think. After too long I decided to theme my photos - Where I Stood. As I get incredibly uncomfortable having my photo taken, a lot of 'selfies' actually involve my shoes. The theme seemed like a natural fit. So it began. I carried my disposable with me every day and just shot where I stood whenever I remembered. 

This project was so much fun! It's getting me geared up to take out the old Minolta and start shooting film again. I forgot how excited I got going to pick up newly developed film. Love!

Anyway, here are a few of the shots.

I wish I going to be in Brooklyn to see this! You should check out the other projects the Brooklyn Art Library have going on. So much fun! Whether you're in to writing, drawing, painting, photography and the super fun Sketchbook Project that I participated in last year.

Go get inspired and get your hands dirty. x