30 Before 30 • 02 Feed a Squirrel

I did it! I even fed several squirrels!

We just got home from our amazing holiday and I managed to tick a few fun time things off my 30 Before 30 list. So much fun!

After getting the Staten Island Ferry past the Statue of Liberty (tourist on a budget style), we headed to Battery Park. Unfortunately this park was left a little worse for wear after Hurricane Sandy, but it's still a really beautiful spot on the edge of New York City. It is here where I had one of the best days ever! It snowed later that evening. Perfect.

We were armed with natural organic cashews (no salt or junk food!), scarves and gloves as it was raining and cold! Here's a few photos of the day...

I feel even more in love with squirrels after this day. Even after some very 'New York' work men yelled out that we would get rabies. Still love! They were holding my hand with their little hands and were so gentle when taking food from us. Amazing little things. Could do this every day. Crossing things off my list is even more fun than I had imagined.