Treasure Hunt

24 days until we fly out to New York for 8 days, then Vancouver for 6 days. I'm so excited! I have visited before, however I had just finished uni, had absolutely no money and we were going for a month. This will be a completely different visit.

MoMA, Guggenheim, National History Museum, Rockefeller Centre for amazing skyline photos, Central Park, etc and now my list also contains places to shop. I do love to shop and shoes are my weakness.

I am also a total sucker for packaging design. Seriously. I bought some cider a few weeks ago, for packaging alone, only to discover that it tasted like that cheap cask wine you used to drink in high school. It was atrocious.

When doing my research for our holiday, I came across this brand due to their beautiful packaging.


Black and white graphics with strong type always get me. Now I just have to choose which one.... Any suggestions?