The Sketchbook Project

I started thinking of my 30 before 30 list long before posting it on this blog. I knew I wanted to learn more, participate more and take time to do things that make me happy! So I signed up for The Sketchbook Project. 30 before 30 - Number 7!

For anyone that doesn't know what this is all about, I recommend checking it out. It's a travelling art exhibit where anyone can participate and you can fill your itty bitty book with anything your heart desires. I decided to focus on photography and try to use only my Leica or Nikon D7000. I have been so used to quickly picking up my iPhone to take photos, so I wanted to push myself to use my beautiful cameras and look at my day to day in a different light.

So it began. I shot anything and everything for a few months and went through my photos a few days before it had to be posted.... I work well under pressure! After putting together my shortlist of photos, I printed them all and cut the pile in half, picked my favourite washi tape and set to work. I also tried my hand at foiling for the first time! I may have gotten a little carried away with foiling and designing the logo for my sketchbook.... I like everything to match!

When you participate, you have the choice to have your sketchbook digitised. I'll be sure to let you know when it's ready to view.

The best bit about participating this year is that we will be in Brooklyn when the exhibition opens! So we will see it in person!

Check it out and challenge yourself! The Sketchbook Project