30 Before 30

I turn 30 in September and have decided to do what many others have done before me, and write a 30 things to do before I turn 30 list. I tend to work too much and want to make sure this year is different and filled with lots of stuff I've always wanted to do and just haven't got around to doing yet. What better day to start the list than New Years Day!

Here's my list - in no particular order.

01 • Start this blog! I've been talking and planning and talking for ages and now it's happening :) Done!
02 • Feed a squirrel Done!
03 • Practice more film photography Done!
04 • Get a new tattoo
05 • Put plans in motion to expand my design business
06 • Be more comfortable with having my photo taken
07 • Contribute to an art show Done!
08 • Learn a new skill Done!
09 • Make snow angels
10 • Make more time for reading
11 • Start a family ping pong tournament - with awards and everything!
12 • Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge Done!
13 • Create signature cocktails for friends – inspired by A Beautiful Mess
14 • Take more cliché tourist photos
15 • Master the apple pie!
16 • Wear high heels more often Done!
17 • Ride the carousel in Central Park Done!...kinda...
18 • Throw a dinner party
19 • Design a font Done!
20 • Use my bamboo tablet more often
21 • Try my hand at hand lettering - eh, see what I did there Done!
22 • Determine my personal style and get rid of everything else in my wardrobe
23 • Find the perfect lipstick colour and wear it!
24 • Redecorate and organise my studio
25 • Go to an NBA game Done!
26 • Visit Luna Park Done!
27 • Design and print new business cards
28 • Go fishing in Canada EDIT • Go fishing in New Zealand Done!
29 • Learn to speak French
30 • Visit the Louvre on my 30th birthday! EDIT • Celebrate my birthday in a country I have never been before! Done!

Wish me luck!