Baby Shower Invitations

Sometimes my posts can be few and far between, but for good reason I assure you! It's usually because I have more work than time and am busy working away either at my bread and butter job or working on some super fun freelance job.

At the moment, I'm working on the collateral for one of my very good friends baby shower!

I have done a few of these before, however this is the first job where I have know the person really well. After our first meeting, we were both super excited about how it was going to look! There were a couple of really strong points of focus and we could take the invitations one of two ways... Here's just a snippet of one option;

Once the invitation design has been decided, I'll carry the theme right through the rest of the printed materials. Either option will look awesome with the decorations my friend has already purchased, so I'm super excited!

I'll be sure to show more of this project as it progresses. It's going to be fun!