Analogue Instagram - Projecteo

Let me introduce you to my new favourite thing - Projecteo! Along with a million other people, I love instagram and I love checking out the new ways you can bring your photos to life. This guy transforms your favourite instagram photos into the cutest little slideshow you've ever seen!

It's miniature. Really miniature. Not much bigger than a piece of popcorn, but projects images up to 50cm wide with the same warmth as the beautiful old projectors. Sign in with your instagram account, pick your favourite photos, fill your wheels and you're done!

The best bit is that you can get $5 off your first wheel by using this code! FRIEND05L7

Bring back slideshow parties of your holiday snaps, eat a whole lot of caramel covered popcorn and bring some analogue back to the digital. I miss taking my rolls of film in to be developed and flipping through the printed product. I miss organising them in albums and giving them as framed gifts. The Projecteo would be an amazing gift this Christmas! Load it with photos of your friends and family and send it to loved ones over the world! Or fill it with holidays snaps and keep them for yourself... Which is what I did... I'll make more for other people, I promise!