Succulent Workshop with Fair Light Blessed

This weekend I was invited to attend a succulent workshop run by the lovely Danielle from Fair Light Blessed and I was taught so much! Including several ways to propagate succulents properly, how to prevent rot and fungus in your new plants and how to care for them properly as they grow. All of the guests got to take home their bag of goodies to keep the succulent adventures going AND enjoy delicious treats from Hansel and Gretel Cakes. Seriously amazing. The event was also held at the super cute Mappins Nursery in West End where they sell a wide variety of succulents along with so many beautiful indoor plants, fish and lizards! The upstairs workshop space is pretty rad too. Old movie posters, giant window looking out over the nursery and some super bright graffiti. 


The workshop started with Danielle telling us about the different kinds of succulents and her personal experience with her propagation success and the mistakes she made when starting out. Then we moved on to several different ways to grow our own! 


Attending the workshop has really made me more confident to keep my succulents alive, as I've had a pretty rubbish track record.... My fiddle leaf fig is doing amazingly well! But my succulents, not so much. Now I think I have the tools and knowledge to not only keep my succulents alive but to grow more through propagation! The workshop was so much fun and super informative - you should totally get along to the next one! Follow Fair Light Blessed on instagram to keep up to date on all things succulent. 

T. x