FREE Desktop Wallpaper Love

I have been planning to do these for a while and there was always a job that had to get done or a coffee date that needed to be had. So this Sunday, I sat down with our cat Terrence (more on him soon) and got my paintbrushes and ink out. 

Inspired by the Sunday I spent with The Style Co, I decided to get my shit together. One of the things that really stuck with me from that day was if I want to actually have the life I dream, I'm going to have to hustle. I also need to put myself well outside of my comfort zone. So here it is.

I've always wanted to do more hand lettering, but to be honest, was too frickin scared of failing. An afternoon of messing around with paintbrushes and ink has resulted in this! Not perfect, but I'm getting my shit together and hustling. 

Download this desktop wallpaper here for your daily reminder to work for what you want. Keep an eye out for a new one every month too. Can't wait until March!