New Goals and the Year That Was.

2014 was... Insane. Like most people there were ups and downs, the good and the bad and many lessons learned along the way. September has been busier than it ever has and is still growing. I've worked with so many amazing clients and a lot of them have become great friends. I also received a promotion at my 9-5, which has been both exciting and exhausting. All of these things have started me thinking about priorities. I'm sure most people can relate to being so busy with work and personal life that it's easy to lose sight of what your priorities should be. It's so easy to agree to work back at your 9-5 and just shift that yoga class to the next day and then the next day. Too easy to put off a dinner with friends to just get that business card design finished.

So. This year, it stops. My priorities will change, I will focus more on developing September and working on super exciting projects, I will make time for the people I love and I will leave my beautiful Mac every now and then to explore more and keep inspired. To keep myself focussed, I've decided to give myself 10 achievable goals.


1. Read at least one book a month

2. Declutter

3. Visit at least one new city

4. Learn one new skill

5. Push myself outside of my comfort zone

6. Jump in a photo booth once a month

7. Get back to yoga

8. Make more time for me and my loved ones

9. Go exploring

10. Get married to the most amazing Mr in June

Now follow along, create your own goals and enjoy the coming year. Make it everything you want it to be.